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Geometry Dash Top 5 Extreme Demon LIMBO Verified By BGram

Geometry Dash Top 5 Extreme Demon LIMBO Verified By BGram
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After over two years since its announcement, Geometry Dash player Bgram has verified Limbo, the hardest memory demon ever made.

After the full showcase on November 30, 2021, BGram started verifying the level. After over a year, he has verified it on November 25, 2022.

In Mindcap's verification announcement video, he states that Limbo should place in the top 5 hardest levels ever made.

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The famous last part of Limbo where the player has to watch a shuffling key while navigating difficult obstacles.

Limbo is a level highly regarded as the most anticipated level in Geometry Dash. Seeing it released after all these years is truly astonishing.

While Limbo is a huge level, we've covered some other big Geometry Dash projects, including:

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You can learn more about Geometry Dash extreme demons and the demon list here!

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