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Help Contribute To Dashword

Dashword is made possible by passionate Geometry Dash players who write about their interests.

In particular, we are looking for Geometry Dash related news, guides, and stories, specifically targetted towards new players.

We want to help out new players while showing them the potential the game has.

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If you would like to contribute a course instead of an article, see our course contribution guide.

What we recommend

We recommend writing articles for any of the following categories:

  • 2.2 — Write about Geometry Dash 2.2
  • News — Write about community news
  • Demonlist — Write about the Demon List
  • Guide — Write informed guides for new players

However, you can write about any topic in our list of categories (or come up with your own category) if none of those fancy you. That being said, we are mostly looking for entries to the above categories.

We also recommend you follow our style guide to make our review process easier.

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If you are looking for inspiration, check out the categories listed above.

Why write for us

We encourage you to write out of passion, but if you want to hear some numbers:

  • Dashword has over 30,000 monthly readers!
  • Dashword gets over 50,000 views every month!
  • Dashword averages over 800,000 impressions every month!

You can read our most up-to-date stats in our editorial category.

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On top of those, Dashword ranks high in Google Search for many Geometry Dash search queries.

Like usual, in getting your content on Dashword, you will: be credited, get your name on our authors page, and be able to share your social media on your profile.

Talk to us

To submit an article, you can email with your article in the form of a shared Google Doc link. Make sure we have permission to access it.

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In order to get your article published, you will have to agree to our author terms.

If you have any questions, you can also use the above email.