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Author Terms

Last Updated: January 30, 2023

In order to get your Article or Course published to, you will have to agree to these terms. As such, these terms apply to anyone who has a published Article or Course on

Remember to use a consistant email address when emailing us so we can verify that its you. If you lose access to your primary email address, contact support.

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Do not share any email communications you have with us with anyone else. If somebody ever gets ahold of them, contact support.

Remember to check these terms often for updates. If you would like to be notified of updates to these terms, contact support.

Old versions of these terms are archived here, along with any other changes made to in general.

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  • Article - A written post on our website. A full (paginated) list of Articles can be found here.
  • Course - A collection of writing on our website, including all content part of it. A full (paginated) list of Courses can be found here.
  • Work - Any Article or Course that has been submitted for publication and everything that is part of it.
  • Author Page - A unique page that will display your information along with all your articles (paginated). A full list of Author Pages can be found here.

Article or Course Submission

By confirming that we can use your Article or Course, you agree that:

  • You claim to own all rights to your Article or Course.
  • can publicly publish your Work with any changes made to it and monetize it. We will still give you attribution for your Work. For Articles, you will be credited on the Article's web page. For Courses, you can credit yourself anywhere in it.
  • In addition to your Work, can display any of the following information that you provide us on our website. You also agree that you own the rights to the information you provide us.
    • The username you would like your Work to be published under
    • The image you would like to use as an avatar
    • The short, one or two sentence bio for your Author Page
    • Your YouTube, your Twitch, your Twitter, and your Discord server
    • Your Geometry Dash profile name
    • The website URL you would like to show on your Author Page
  • All information on your unique Author Page will be displayed publicly on our website. You can request changes to your unique Author Page by emailing us. All changes must be confirmed by us but you can remove your Author Page at any time. In order to get a unique Author Page, you must have at least one Article. Courses do not count as Articles.
  • You have not shared any email communications with us with anyone else.

If you would like to make changes to your submission first, please do so before confirming that we can use your Article or Course.

Updating/Deleting Your Articles, Courses, and Auhor Page

You can make changes to or remove your Article, Course, or Author Page by emailing us. All changes must be confirmed by us but you can remove your Article, Course, or Author Page at any time. All Articles by you that we publish will be available on your unique Author Page. Courses will be available on our Courses page and you can credit yourself in your Course.

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You can request copies of your Articles, Courses, or Author Page by emailing us.


If you have any questions or need any help, you can contact support at any time.