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You can contact, for any reason, by emailing is not looking to work with any new sponsorship or advertising agencies. Any requests about such will not be considered.

Contribute (articles, courses, code)

To submit an article for publication, see our article contribution guide.

To submit a course for publication, see our course contribution guide.

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You can contibute to our codebase on our public repository.

We are not currently accepting sponsored posts on our site.


We are only accepting mutual partnerships if they are from other Geometry Dash entities, including Discord communities, popular figures, and other Geometry Dash related websites. They do not have to be official (endorsed by RobTop).

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Report Violations of our Code of Conduct

If you spot a comment on this site that is in violation of our code of conduct, then you can contact us explaining the issue. If what you report is found to be in violation of our code of conduct, it will be removed.

See our frequently asked questions

For answers to basic questions, see our frequently asked questions.