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Geometry Dash: How iOS Players Can Still Use Geode

Geometry Dash: How iOS Players Can Still Use Geode
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The Geometry Dash mod loader Geode is currently not available on iOS. Geode is a Geometry Dash mod loader for installing mods such as Globed. While installing it on most platforms is easy, iPhone and iPad users have been baffled by the lack of iOS support.

As it stands right now, Apple makes modding applications very difficult on their devices. This is why Geode developers have found porting it to iOS to be very difficult.

This article will go over why Geode is not officially available on iOS and how iOS players can use Geode in other ways.

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Why Geode is not available on iOS

Geode developers have stated that right now, Geode support for iOS devices is not possible. They also clarified that the EU's upcoming sideloading laws won't help either.

In specific, a Geode developer clarified that "iOS doesn't allow some features other platforms do that are required for Geode."

That being said, another Geode developer said that Geode for iOS could be possible by jailbreaking the device. But due to jailbreaking being so uncommon, they said they will not make a jailbreak-exclusive solution.

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How iOS players can still use Geode

As of right now, there is no known way to run Geode on iOS devices. However, there are still some ways for iOS players to use Geode's features.

  • Use Geode on a different device. You can still do things like build levels on your iOS device, but then use another device to play your levels with Geode mods.
  • When using Geode for added editor features, such as to use scale bypass, you can get your friends with Geode to do it for you.
  • For mods like Globed, you can still make levels for people to play on multiplayer with their friends. You will only need an Android, Mac, or Windows PC to play with others.

Likewise, there are other mod menus available for iOS that add mods such as noclip and speedhack.

With all that being said, if you really want to mod your games, your best bet is to avoid iOS devices in the future, as they are very restrictive.

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