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Geometry Dash: How To Jump 1,000,000 Times Super Fast

Geometry Dash: How To Jump 1,000,000 Times Super Fast
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Geometry Dash has many icons that can be unlocked by jumping a certain amount of times. The biggest of which is locked behind the Jump King achievement and requires 1,000,000 jumps to unlock.

Fortunately, there are levels to jump over 1,000,000 times super fast in Geometry Dash to make grinding these achievements super easy.

Icons you unlock for jumping in Geometry Dash

There are 11 achievements for jumping in Geometry Dash, ranging from 1,000 to 1,000,000 jumps. They include the following:

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Achievement Reward
Jump 1,000 Times Blue Secondary Color
Jump 10,000 Times Yellow Secondary Color
Jump 20,000 Times White Secondary Color
Jump 50,000 Times UFO
Jump 100,000 Times Ball
Jump 200,000 Times Brown Primary Color
Jump 300,000 Times Cube
Jump 400,000 Times Wave
Jump 500,000 Times Cube
Jump 750,000 Times Wave
Jump 1,000,000 Times Swing Copter

How to jump 1,000,000 times super fast in Geometry Dash

While just holding the jump button in Stereo Madness sounds easy, that is a really slow way of farming jumps. Instead, there are levels specifically designed for you to farm jumps super fast.

Here are some Geometry Dash levels to farm jumps fast:

  • Jump Farming (32805571)
  • Jump Farm (97623433)
  • 100000 Jumps (10481188)

Jump Farming (32805571) gets you over 100,000 jumps every 8 minutes. Jump Farm (97623433) gets you over 1,000,000 jumps in a little over an hour. 100000 Jumps (10481188) gets you 100,000 jumps after playing.

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