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Price For Geometry Dash On Steam Raises By $1 For The First Time Ever

Price For Geometry Dash On Steam Raises By $1 For The First Time Ever
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For the first time in the history of Geometry Dash, its price on Steam has increased. From a price of $3.99 to $4.99, this is the first ever price increase for Geometry Dash on Steam.

The Geometry Dash community's reaction is largely indifferent, although many acknowledge that Geometry Dash 2.2 justifies the price increase.

One user on Twitter/X noted the following:

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Well I mean with what the game offers in 2.2 I don’t think it is really a bad decision from rob. I know he said he was keeping the price the same cuz he had to keep the game cheap but I mean 1 buck isn’t that bad imo. A bit shocking yes but could you really blame him.

What do you think about this price increase? Do you think it is justified or not? Do you think Geometry Dash has too many bugs to warrant this? Let us know!

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