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Geometry Dash: RobTop Says Why He Doesn't Want To Rate Tidal Wave

Geometry Dash: RobTop Says Why He Doesn't Want To Rate Tidal Wave
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Ever since Tidal Wave was verified in September, the level has remained unrated, meaning it cannot be placed on the Geometry Dash Demon List. Now, RobTop has revealed he has no intention to rate Tidal Wave.

After acknowledging Tidal Wave while not rating it, RobTop has made it clear that he has no intention to rate it.

While nothing is 100% confirmed, the leading theories are the following:

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Back when Geometry Dash Moderators used to vote on Demon ratings, they voted against rating Tidal Wave, meaning the only way for it to get rated is for RobTop himself to acknowledge it.

However, after acknowledging Tidal Wave in the Geometry Dash Discord server while not rating it, he has practically made a statement saying he will not be rating it.

One theory for why he won't rate it is because it was verified on 360 Hz. Despite most top extreme demons being verified on 360 Hz, RobTop wants to update the rules and Retroactively apply them despite the community's wishes.

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Update: This theory has been proven incorrect. RobTop came out and said the reason he doesn't want to rate the level is because he doesn't think it will be fun and that it doesn't represent the game very well.

While RobTop has said there is a possibility that it will be rated, he said it is solely his decision.

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