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New Top 1 Geometry Dash Demon "Tidal Wave" Verified By Zoink In 50,000 Attempts

New Top 1 Geometry Dash Demon "Tidal Wave" Verified By Zoink In 50,000 Attempts
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Tidal Wave, the latest Geometry Dash top 1 extreme demon, has been verified by Zoink in precisely 49,534 attempts. As of now, it has not been placed on the Demon List, but it is expected to place in the top 1 spot.

While Tidal Wave was met with mixed opinions, most players agree that its theme is unique.

Unlike typical extreme demons that are mostly red with a menacing theme, Tidal Wave is themed around the beach and tropics, featuring a blue and yellow color scheme.

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Fresh off the back of verifying the top 10 hardest demon Tunnel of Despair, Zoink has once again pushed the limits of difficulty in Geometry Dash.

Hacking Accusations

After SpaceUK was exposed for hacking his entire career, many players have started questioning the legitimacy of other top players.

With Zoink being considered the best player behind SpaceUK, it is only natural to expect minor accusations of Zoink cheating as well.

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Like SpaceUK, Zoink is currently light years ahead of everyone. In specific, Zoink is over 2000 points ahead of Trick, who is currently the second best player in the game according to the Pointercrate Demon List.

While no evidence of hacking has been discovered, the community is understandably awry, even after 4 months since SpaceUK was exposed.

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