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Geometry Dash Top 1 Extreme Demon "Tidal Wave" Critiqued As Controversial But Original

 Geometry Dash Top 1 Extreme Demon "Tidal Wave" Critiqued As Controversial But Original
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Tidal Wave, a tropical-themed top 1 Geometry Dash extreme demon by OniLink, has had its verifier announced. After having been under the radar for a while, it gained recognition after Neiro (also known as Exen) showcased it to a mostly negative reception.

Tidal Wave then got further recognition after Zoink announced that he would be the verifier of it, right after verifying Tunnel of Despair. According to some sources, Tidal Wave will have around 130 frame perfects at 140hz.

Despite the negativity, most recognize Tidal Wave's theme as unique, being styled around the beach and the tropics. This is definitely a breath of fresh salty air from the overused "red, intimidating, and edgy top 1" style.

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The controversy surrounding Tidal Wave mainly came about from rumors of Zoink buffing the extreme demon to top 1 from top 15. While this rumor has been proven wrong, it is still a valid concern when we consider what happened to Acheron with its buffdate and Avernus having zero victors or progress.

The next main controversy is the decoration. Some of the community thinks Tidal Wave's decoration is too simple, but some others think it's the new best thing since sliced bread. I personally fall into the latter. To me, this decoration is one of the best out of the current top 5 hardest Geometry Dash levels. It also has a relaxing atmosphere, something you don't get in many top 1 extreme demons.

The gameplay of Tidal Wave is heavily wave-focused, but it still has variations in game modes and a unique dual part. It also has a length of XL, which is new. Regardless of the buffdate accusations, many popular and skilled players have said that the gameplay looks fun.

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The final Tidal Wave controversy is that it might have fixed hitboxes, meaning that its spikes' hitboxes are made to be bigger than usual. This is controversial because changing the hitboxes of objects to something players are not used to can make a level very unfun. As it stands right now, Tidal Wave's usage of fixed hitboxes is not confirmed.

Zoink has currently gotten 67% as of writing this, so he might have it verified before Geometry Dash 2.2 releases.

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