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Geometry Dash Top 1 Hardest Demon "Orochi" Revived By Knobbelboy

Geometry Dash Top 1 Hardest Demon "Orochi" Revived By Knobbelboy
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Orochi by Knobbelboy and more, a Geometry Dash top 1 extreme demon that dates back to 2018, has shown signs of life after supposedly being discontinued. On May 14, 2023, Knobbelboy released the third Orochi preview. The previous preview was four years ago on November 30, 2019.

Orochi was originally a solo level made by Platnuu, the creator of the Interface series. Unfortunately, Platnuu decided to "distance himself" from the level.

In light of this, Orochi was passed over to Knobbelboy, who buffed it and added an extremely difficult extension, similar to Bloodlust, which Knobbelboy verified in 2018. The Orochi extension was decorated by ZephiroX. This turned Orochi into a new top 1 "super extreme demon."

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Cdmusic, CuLuC, and Iris have joined the team and together have upgraded about half of the original level by Platnuu. Knobbelboy also announced that a verifier for Orochi has been chosen, but he did not confirm who the verifier is at this time.

Orochi has also been significantly buffed and will most likely be released within the new year. Given this timeframe, it is possible that Geometry Dash 2.2 will release before the level is finished.

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