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Dark Mode Has Returned To Dashword

Dark Mode Has Returned To Dashword

After eight months since our last redesign, we've finally added back dark mode to Dashword! This feature was available in our first site version, but we discontinued it because of it being too difficult to maintain. However, we've now added it back.

Dashword's color theme is synced to your device. This means that if you want to use dark mode on Dashword, you will need to set your device or browser's color theme to dark mode.

Let us know what you think! Do you like the way dark mode looks right now or do you think we can make improvements?

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We will add a way to change your color theme on this website without having to use your device or browser's settings in the near future.

Please follow Dashword's Community Guidelines when commenting. If you would like to report infringement, contact us.

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