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[PATCHED] New Geometry Dash Exploit Puts All Levels (And You) At Risk

[PATCHED] New Geometry Dash Exploit Puts All Levels (And You) At Risk
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On May 22, 2023, a dangerous new Geometry Dash exploit was leaked. This exploit allows any level you play to potentially harm your device.

RobTop Games has recently made a server-side patch to this exploit. This means this exploit no longer works and you should be able to play levels again without the exploit happening to you. However, there is still important aftermath going on, even after the exploit was patched. The remainder of this article will be kept for historical preservation purposes.

This exploit puts all levels and all users at risk. Until Geometry Dash update 2.2 is released, play all levels cautiously.

What is the exploit?

Due to the danger of this exploit, Dashword will not exactly specify how or why it works. All you need to know is that just by simply playing a level, an attacker could get access to your device.

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How to protect yourself from the exploit

There are two major ways to protect yourself from the exploit.

  1. If you are able to, download and install this free Geometry Dash mod that patches the exploit. Read this guide for help with installing Geometry Dash mods. If you're a Mega Hack user, this mod is already built into Mega Hack v7.1.1.
  2. If you are unable to install Geometry Dash mods, play all levels with caution. Note that any level can be affected, even those of your friends. We recommend to stick to playing recently featured levels and make sure you download them and avoid updating them (only access them from your saved levels menu). To stay extra safe, make a copy of these levels into your custom levels when you are able to and only play the level from your custom levels menu. This will ensure that they've been checked by RobTop in recent times, and by not updating them, you can avoid the chance that they've been maliciously updated.

Security concerns like this are in part why publishers like the Google Play Store have removed Geometry Dash from their stores.

Stay safe and avoid playing levels at all costs. RobTop has confirmed that this exploit will be fixed in Geometry Dash update 2.2, but until then, it is important you stay alert when playing Geometry Dash.

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