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Geometry Dash Moderators Attempt To Take Down Third Party Fixes To Dangerous Exploit

Geometry Dash Moderators Attempt To Take Down Third Party Fixes To Dangerous Exploit
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Geometry Dash moderators are supposedly trying to take down third party fixes to Geometry Dash's latest exploit. On May 22, 2023, a dangerous new Geometry Dash exploit was leaked. However, even before a patch was released by RobTop Games, third party mod creators made their own patches and released them for the community to stay safe from the exploit.

However, also before RobTop Games patched the exploit, there are reports that Geometry Dash moderators acting on RobTop's behalf were telling mod creators to take down their third party fixes.

Geometry Dash Moderators' Reasoning

The apparent reason for this seems to be not wanting to spread the knowledge of the exploit. The more popular the exploit became, the more likely bad actors would discover and use it.

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This reasoning has been critiqued. Many people believe that Geometry Dash players deserve to know if they are at risk. And since the exploit was already very public at that point, many believe the Geometry Dash moderators' actions to have done more harm than good.

Ultimately, the handling of this situation by RobTop and the moderators is deemed to be lackluster by prominent members in the community, including some developers who first discovered and reported the exploit.


All in all, the exploit has now been patched. However, there is evidence that RobTop knew about this exploit long before it was leaked. For some reason, he failed to release a fix for it. This further proves Stormfly's age old testament that "RobTop only acts out of necessity."

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As Geometry Dash remains without an update, more and more issues have come up with Geometry Dash that RobTop has refused to fix.

From iOS 15 breaking Geometry Dash on Apple devices, RobTop losing the Geometry Dash 2.113 source code, Geometry Dash being removed from the Google Play Store, and this new exploit, Geometry Dash is becoming more and more broken every day.

Needless to say: Geometry Dash needs updates. Not just update 2.2, but any updates in general.

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