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The State Of Dashword: September 2022

The State Of Dashword: September 2022

Publishing content on Dashword came to an abrupt hault around March. Since then, only a few articles have been published.

This is not the fault of our writers. We recieved submissions in this time but chose not to review them.

This has been a problem with our publication process for a while.

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In order to post content on this website, it needs to be written in a special language called Markdown. However, since not many of our writers knew how to write in Markdown, our developers had to rewrite their content in markdown. Because of so, publishing an article was not easy.

But now, that has changed.

Along with an entire website redesign, we now have an article editor on this very website!

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With this, we should be able to publish more content than ever.

Along with this massive change, here is a complete changelog of everything that's changed over the website redesign.


  • Our publication process has improved! Check out the article editor.
  • Some features have been removed due to being too much of a hassle to maintain (as well as being mostly unused).
    • Search
    • Comments
    • Author scores
    • Dark mode (only for the time being!)
  • A lot of pages in our original content handbook have been removed for simplicity. Now, it can all be found under our simple contribution guide.
  • Author profiles now show every one of their posts, instead of just the latest three.
  • The list of authors is no longer ordered by author score (which has been removed). This is because we don't want to encourage competition amongst our writers. Now, the order is based roughly on when the profile was created.
  • Author profiles will no longer exist without the author having at least one post.

New Publication System

The way we publish content has changed. Before, anybody could submit an article and we would publish it if we liked it. Now, the process will be slightly more reserved, but we still want it to be possible for anyone to get their content published here.

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Now, rather than relying on the generosity of passersby, we are putting together our own team of writers to write content for Dashword. This will mean content is published more consistantly, rather than randomly.

If you want to apply to join this new team of writers, check out our contribution guide!

The Future

[MoldyMacaroniX]: Surprisingly, even without publishing content, Dashword continued to grow behind the scenes. Now, we have over 1600 monthly users! That's absolutely incredible!

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Dashword has grown a lot, and before this, I never thought Dashword would get anywhere. After all, this is just a small little website for Geometry Dash related articles. That's such a small niche.

But now, I believe Dashword can grow and become a big thing.

My dream plan for the website would be:

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  • An account system. Anybody can create a free account to write and submit content!
  • A backend publication system. Editors can review, edit, and publish content through a simple user interface.
  • Views, likes, comments and more! Anybody with an account (whether they have any published articles or not) can like and comment on posts.

Unfortunately, this dream Dashword would require a lot more resources than the site currently has the money for.

For this reason, I have considered putting ads on the website. In doing so, I could potentially raise enough funds to improve the website and make it the best it can possibly be.

I will not be accepting donations at this moment. If you have money you want to donate, I ask you donate it to a cause that actually matters. There are far more important world issues that deserve your money more than this little website ever will.

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We hope down the line, no matter what happens, Dashword continues to be a resource for Geometry Dash players. We hope Dashword can be a place for new players to learn a thing or two and experienced players to share their writing.

Please follow Dashword's Community Guidelines when commenting. If you would like to report infringement, contact us.

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