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Geometry Dash All Icons: How To Unlock Every Icon In The Game

Geometry Dash All Icons: How To Unlock Every Icon In The Game

Geometry Dash has many icons, but how do you unlock them all? After all, there are so many!

But while there are a lot, most of them can be achieved by completing the same few tasks.

How To Unlock Every Icon In Geometry Dash

Every Geometry Dash icon can be unlocked by doing all of the following.

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  • Complete all the main levels with all 3 coins in normal and practice mode
  • Collect 10,000 stars
  • Collect 130 secret coins
  • Collect 1000 user coins
  • Collect 5000 diamonds
  • Collect 100 of each shard
  • Beat 60 demons
  • Beat 1000 online levels
  • Complete 45 map packs
  • Do 20,000 attempts
  • Jump 50,000 times
  • Crash at over 95% on a main level in normal mode
  • Like or dislike 2000 online levels
  • Rate the stars of 2000 online levels
  • Follow 10 creators
  • Add 10 friends
  • Unlock all the shops
  • Solve all of the vaults
  • Get 100 likes on an uploaded level
  • Get a star rated level

Use these codes to solve the vaults. Here are some guides to collect user coins, collect diamonds, and unlock all secret areas.

For a specific list of how to get every achievement in the game, see this list. Use the filters to find the icon you want and it will tell you how to unlock it.

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