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Geometry Dash Diamonds: 5 Easy Ways To Collect Diamonds

Geometry Dash Diamonds: 5 Easy Ways To Collect Diamonds

Geometry Dash diamonds are required to unlock many secrets in the game, such as the Vault of Secrets and the Secret Shop.

If you've ever tried collecting diamonds, you've probably noticed that they can be hard to collect. In specific, there are seemingly not many renewable sources for collecting them.

However, there are reliable ways to collect diamonds, and I'll go over each of them now, in the order you should do them.

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Daily Chests

The easiest way to get diamonds is through daily chests. You can open a big one every 24 hours, and a smaller one every 4 hours.

I recommend timing it so you open the smaller one as often as possible, possibly even 3 or 4 times a day. This will maximize the potential for collecting diamonds.

Unfortunately, after collecting the chests, they are non-renewable, so you'll have to move onto the next method of collecting diamonds.

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Daily Level

Excluding the Gauntlets and weekly demon, the daily level is the only level in the game that rewards diamonds. Like when opening your daily chests, if you can complete every daily level, you'll be well on your way to collecting diamonds.

But also like daily chests, once you complete the daily level, you have to wait up to 24 hours before you can play another. So after this, you'll have to move onto the next method of collecting diamonds.


A quest can reward up to 15 diamonds for completing it. There are three difficulties of quests, but all of them require you to collect a certain amount of orbs, silver user coins, or stars.

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However, quests are not renewable. Once you complete all the available quests, you may have to wait up to 24 hours to unlock more. But fortunately, there are still two more ways to collect diamonds.


Excluding the daily level and weekly demon, Gauntlet levels are the only levels in the game that reward diamonds. However, unlike the daily level, these do not expire and can be completed without having to wait a lot of time.

Even if you can't complete a specific Gauntlet, completing a couple levels in one will reward diamonds. There are dozens of Gauntlet levels to keep you busy, but if you ever happen to complete them all, there is one more way to collect diamonds.

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Treasure Room

Like the daily chests, treasure chests in the Treasure Room have a chance to reward diamonds.

There are two types of treasure chests in the treasure room.

  1. A grey chest with regular rewards.
  2. A gold a chest with bigger rewards.

The most notable difference, however, is that a grey chest cost 1 demon key to open, whereas gold chests require 5.

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However, arguably the hardest part of this diamond collecting method is unlocking the Treasure Room.

We have a full guide on how to unlock it, but you need at least 5 demon keys. If you're struggling to collect demon keys, we also have a guide to help you easily collect them.

Rated Lists

Rated lists also reward diamonds. You can find a list of rated lists using the "lists" button on the online menu. You can tell if a list is rated if it has a diamond count associated with it.

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Upon completing the list, you will be rewarded with the diamonds it offers.

Weekly Demon

Like daily levels, weekly demons are levels that reward diamonds. If you can complete every weekly demon, you will also be collecting a lot of diamonds.

The only issue with this is that weekly demons are very hard, as weekly demons have the hardest difficulty rating in the game. But if you've tried all other options, weekly demons might not be a bad idea to get some extra diamonds.

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While none of these diamond collecting methods are 100% renewable immediately, most refresh every day. But if you know all of these methods, you will have more than enough to do while you await the next refresh.

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