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Geometry Dash Demon Keys: 2 Easy Ways To Collect Demon Keys

Geometry Dash Demon Keys: 2 Easy Ways To Collect Demon Keys

Geometry Dash demon keys are used to unlock treasure chests from the treasure room, but how to obtain them is a little confusing at first.

You get 1 demon key for every 500 mana orbs you collect, excluding mana orbs from daily chests and treasure chests. This means that mana orbs only count towards demon keys if you get them from a rated level (excluding auto levels).

Fortunately, there are some simple techniques to easily get mana orbs from levels and collect demon keys.

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Demon Levels

A demon level rewards 500 mana orbs upon completion, which is enough to get a demon key. However, you don't need to actually beat a level to collect all the mana orbs it has to offer! In fact, 80% of a level's mana orbs are rewarded without even completing the level.

So, if you get 50% on a level, you are still getting a lot of mana orbs.

Simply play demons and get a good percent. You don't have to beat it, as you can get lots of mana orbs just by increasing your percent.

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Choose Your Own Difficulty

Unfortunately, demon levels are the hardest levels in the game, so even getting a high score like 50% can be very challenging.

Fortunately, all rated levels (excluding auto levels) have mana orbs to offer, not just demons! Although, how much mana orbs a level has to offer depends on its difficulty.

  • Auto 1 star levels reward 0 mana orbs.
  • Easy 2 star levels reward 50 mana orbs.
  • Normal 3 star levels reward 75 mana orbs.
  • Hard 4 star levels reward 125 mana orbs.
  • Hard 5 star levels reward 175 mana orbs.
  • Harder 6 star levels reward 225 mana orbs.
  • Harder 7 star levels reward 275 mana orbs.
  • Insane 8 star levels reward 350 mana orbs.
  • Insane 9 star levels reward 425 mana orbs.
  • Demon 10 star levels reward 500 mana orbs.

So, figure out the highest difficulty you are able to beat and beat a lot of those levels to quickly collect mana orbs and demon keys!

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And there you go, two easy ways to collect demon keys in Geometry Dash!

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