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Geometry Dash Mana Orbs: 3 Easy Ways To Collect Mana Orbs And Buy Icons

Geometry Dash Mana Orbs: 3 Easy Ways To Collect Mana Orbs And Buy Icons

Mana Orbs are Geometry Dash's currency. You can use them to buy icons, ships, UFOs, and every other gamemode. They can also be used to buy death effects and other secrets, such as the Master Emblem.

But, collecting these Mana Orbs can be challenging. However, unlike collecting diamonds, Mana Orbs are a completely renewable collectable. So here are 3 easy ways to collect mana orbs and buy the coolest icons.

Daily Chests

The easiest way to get Mana Orbs is through daily chests. You can open a big one every 24 hours, and a smaller one every 4 hours.

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I recommend timing it so you open the smaller one as often as possible, possibly even 3 or 4 times a day. This will maximize the potential for collecting diamonds.

Unfortunately, after collecting the chests, you will have to wait until they are refreshed before you can open them again.

Treasure Room

Like the daily chests, treasure chests in the Treasure Room have a chance to reward Mana Orbs.

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There are two types of treasure chests in the treasure room.

  1. A grey chest with regular rewards.
  2. A gold a chest with bigger rewards.

The most notable difference, however, is that a grey chest cost 1 demon key to open, whereas gold chests require 5.

However, arguably the hardest part of this Mana Orb collecting method is unlocking the Treasure Room.

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We have a full guide on how to unlock it, but you need at least 5 demon keys. If you're struggling to collect demon keys, we also have a guide to help you easily collect them.

Complete Levels

It's as simple as it sounds. Unlike diamonds, every rated level (excluding auto levels) rewards Mana Orbs.

Simply browse featured levels or the hall of fame and play levels from there. However, the best part about Mana Orbs is you don't need to beat the level to collect Mana Orbs!

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You get rewarded them based on how far you get in a level, so even if you only get 50%, that's still a lot of Mana Orbs!

Where To Buy The Coolest Icons

Mana Orbs can be spent in three different shops:

  1. The Shop
  2. The Secret Shop (Scratch's Shop)
  3. The Community Shop (Potbor's Shop)

However, if you're looking for the coolest looking icons, you will want to visit the Community Shop. All the icons there are made by the community, so they look amazing.

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Here is how to unlock the community shop. You might also want to unlock the Secret Shop.

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