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Easiest Geometry Dash User Coins: Free & Easy Levels To Get User Coins (2024)

Easiest Geometry Dash User Coins: Free & Easy Levels To Get User Coins (2024)
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With silver user coins, you can unlock a lot of Geometry Dash icons, ships, UFOs, and more.

Up to 200, you unlock a new reward every 10 silver user coins you collect! From then, it slightly increases to every 25, and after awhile, it increases some more, but they have a ton of rewards overall.

You also need 10 silver user coins to access The Vault, which can be used to unlock free icons using secret codes.

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But getting 10 silver user coins is hard if you're not playing the right levels. So I've compiled a list of 4 levels to easily collect up to 12 silver user coins, which is more than enough you need to unlock The Vault.

But first, it's important to know the distinction between silver user coins and bronze user coins.

  1. Silver user coins are verified, meaning they count towards your total.
  2. Bronze user coins are unverified, meaning you cannot collect them.

Now, onto 4 easy levels to collect silver user coins. Their IDs are listed in brackets.

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ReTraY by DiMaViKuLoV26 (6508283)

ReTraY is the most liked level in the game because it is very easy. And so are the coins! ReTraY is also regarded as the easiest level in the game, excluding auto levels.

Here are how to get all three coins in ReTraY:

  1. The first coin is in the first ship part. After flying through two green pillars, fly to the top of the screen to collect the first user coin. While the green squares look like obstacles, you can pass right through them, so it's easy!

    ReTraY first coin
  2. The second coin is in the first ball part. This part has some pillar obstacles to avoid. However, you can simply go through the second one, rewarding you with the second coin. Once again, there are no other obstacles to stop you.

    ReTraY second coin
  3. The third coin in ReTraY is the easiest. At the end of the level, there is a yellowish-green heart. Once you collect it, you get a coin. There are no obstacles in the part to hurt you, so it's essentially free.

    ReTraY third coin

Dark Paradise by Roli GD (11280109)

Dark Paradise is another easy level, but the first two coins are a little more hidden and the last coin is a little hard. I recommend utilizing practice mode to see how to get the coins. Some parts in the level can also be hard to see at times.

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Here are how to get all three coins in Dark Paradise:

  1. The first coin is in the first part. Once your gravity is flipped, you will be bounced onto a slope. At the end of the slope, is a jump pad. Rather than using the jump pad, you can jump over it to collect the first coin in a secret route. But be careful, because the timing can be a little tricky.

    Dark Paradise first coin
  2. The second coin is in the first ball part. Instead of pressing on the first yellow jump ring, you can ignore it and continue down an alternate route. You can then collect a coin and press to go back to the main route.

    Dark Paradise second coin
  3. The third coin is the hardest to get but fortunately isn't hidden very well. In the first ship part, there is an obstacle that you are supposed to fly above, but underneath it is a coin. However, there are also deadly spikes, so getting through is not easy. I recommend sliding on the floor and with a light press, you can just make it through with minimal input. I recommend using practice mode before trying it out in normal mode.

    Dark Paradise second coin

Sonar by Jerkrat (4454123)

Sonar is another easy level. While slightly harder than ReTraY and Dark Paradise, if you've beaten Stereo Madness, you'll beat Sonar pretty quick. The coins are also easy to find and collect.

Here are how to get all three coins in Sonar:

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  1. The first coin is in the ship part. There is a spot in the first pillar on the top of the screen you can fly through to get a coin.

    Sonar first coin
  2. The second coin is right after the ship part. There are some pillars you're supposed to jump up, but you can fall before the last one to collect a coin. But be careful, as you have to jump quickly after to make it back to the main route, but not too early or you'll hit the ceiling.

    Sonar second coin
  3. The third coin is in the wave part. There is a structure you can easily go through to get the last coin. You can also slide on the floor once you're in the structure, making it easy to leave once you're in.

    Sonar third coin

Wistful by Waffl3X (57266538)

This is the easiest level in this list, because it's auto! However, with a few simple inputs, you can collect three free coins.

Here are how to get all three coins in Wistful:

  1. The first coin requires no inputs! A little ways into the level, a floating drone will approach you. You can choose not to approach it by pressing, but if you do nothing, you will get a coin.

    Wistful first coin
  2. To get the second coin, you have to press once you see this elevator. If you don't press, you'll go up and won't find anything. If you do press, you'll go down and find a coin.

    Wistful second coin
  3. The third coin is completely free! You get it for beating the level, and since the level is auto, you don't have to do anything. No matter what you choose throughout the level, you will get rewarded this coin once you complete the level.

And there you go—four easy levels to collect 12 user coins, which is more than enough to unlock The Vault.

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