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Geometry Dash Top 5 Hardest Demon "Mayhem" Places Top 10 On Demonlist

Geometry Dash Top 5 Hardest Demon "Mayhem" Places Top 10 On Demonlist
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The top 5 Geometry Dash hardest demon Mayhem by Lordvadercraft and more has placed at the #10 spot on the demonlist, pushing Sonic Wave Infinity out of the top 10.

Much of the Geometry Dash demonlist community, including AeonAir, fnm04, Just a GD Player, Neiro, and the verifier Lordvadercraft said the level was top 5 worthy.

However, the demonlist team failed to agree with this high placement, adding the level to the #10 spot on the demonlist.

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Demonlist: Community Reaction

Surprisingly, this controversial placement hasn't sparked nearly as much drama as one might expect. This is mainly due to the fact that Acheron, the recently verified top 1 hardest level in the game, has yet to be placed.

Acheron is taking the spotlight, allowing less room for Mayhem to appear in the public eye. Expect Dashword to release more news once Acheron is placed on the demonlist.

Demonlist: Overrating Difficulty Of Levels

That being said, this sparks another discussion. It has been made clear that YouTubers often overestimate the difficulty of levels in their video titles. This is to help attract attention to their video, but has the negative affect of distorting public opinion.

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This has lead to levels like Sakupen Circles and Abyss of Darkness taking the number 1 spot from Slaughterhouse, despite not being harder in hindsight.

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