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Slaughterhouse: The Top 1 Demon In Geometry Dash For Almost A Year Still Reigns Strong

Slaughterhouse: The Top 1 Demon In Geometry Dash For Almost A Year Still Reigns Strong
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The top 1 hardest Geometry Dash level, Slaughterhouse, has remained in the top 1 position for almost an entire year.

While extreme demons like Sakupen Circles, Abyss of Darkness, and Silent Clubstep posed a threat, Slaughterhouse is still on top.

But why have these legendary levels failed to dethrone Slaughterhouse?

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Slaughterhouse Competition: Sakupen Circles

A couple months after Slaughterhouse became the top 1 hardest level, Sakupen Circles was added to the list and even surpassed Slaughterhouse, taking the top 1 spot for itself.

However, this turned out to be the incorrect placement, as only two months later, it was moved below Slaughterhouse, proving that Slaughterhouse is the harder level.

Sakupen Circles took less than half an hour to get placed, showing that this may have been a rushed decision. Likewise, with it being placed so soon, there weren't many opinions from skilled players about the level.

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Well-known player fnm04 said this about the matter.

As with many hard levels, it takes time for top players to really get a feel for how hard a level really is. When Sakupen Circles was placed, it had very little opinions, since top players hadn't had a real go at the level yet.

With that, is becomes clear that the community overestimated the difficulty of Sakupen Circles, leaving Slaughterhouse to be the harder level.

Slaughterhouse Competition: Abyss of Darkness

After Slaughterhouse reclaimed the top 1 spot after defeating Sakupen Circles, Abyss of Darkness was verified. Like with Sakupen Circles before, it was placed at the number 1 spot.

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However, it appears that the Demon List team learned their lesson, as it took only one month to move it below Slaughterhouse.

Slaughterhouse Competition: Silent Clubstep

With the Demon List team having failed to position both Sakupen Circles and Abyss of Darkness accurately, they took their time with Silent Clubstep. In fact, it took an entire month for it to get placed on the Demon List!

Fans from all around the community wanted Silent Clubstep to be number 1. It has a lot of legacy and for that reason, people felt it deserved the top 1 spot. Even I would agree.

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But, after the Demon List team got enough reliable opinions, they placed Silent Clubstep at the number 4 spot, below Slaughterhouse.

That being said, even they admitted to not being fully sure of its placement.

Due to a lack of any reliable opinions, this placement is based on preliminary progress from other top players in accordance with our 1-month placement deadline. As a result, this placement is highly subject to change.

But even if this placement were to change by a couple spots, one thing is clear: Slaughterhouse has yet to be dethroned.

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Will Slaughterhouse be dethroned eventually? When will there be a new top 1 hardest Geometry Dash level? Well, eventually, someone has to make something harder. But for the time being, it looks like Slaughterhouse is way harder than the community originally gave it credit for.

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