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The New Top 1 Extreme Demon In Geometry Dash

The New Top 1 Extreme Demon In Geometry Dash

On December 29th, 2021, a huge event would step onto the community. Sakupen Circles was verified by a talented player by the name of Diamond. The level was rated on January 5th 2022, a treat for the upcoming year.

However, this sparked a lot of controversy surrounding its rate status provided by RobTop on popular websites like Twitter. Twitter sucks man. Many users complained about its "challenge-like gameplay," and "poor balancing." This brought us many discussion videos, completely dividing the community.

In conclusion, former Top 1 "Slaughterhouse," has been dethroned to Top 2, ending its short 2 month reign. Who knows what will be the next Top 1, but let's grab our popcorn and keep watching for the next arrival.

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