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BREAKING: Acheron Places #2 On Geometry Dash Demon List

BREAKING: Acheron Places #2 On Geometry Dash Demon List
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Geometry Dash Acheron, the supposed top 1 hardest extreme demon, has placed #2 on the Pointercrate demonlist following controversial decision by the list moderators.

After being verified one month ago on August 22, 2022, the said-to-be top 1 hardest level in Geometry Dash, Acheron, has fell short of expectations after being placed at the #2 spot below Slaughterhouse.

Demon List Controversy

This controversial placement has caused much backlash from the Geometry Dash community, with people saying "list ruined" and that "the list team [is] out here showing their bias once again."

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The Demon List responded in saying:

Due to a lack of reliable opinions, this placement is highly subject to change.

Another thing to note is that the ongoing Demon List controversy as of late is likely playing a role in the Geometry Dash community's backlash.

It is also worth noting that this situation is much similar to what happened to the top 5 extreme demon Mayhem, which suffered a similar fate.

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