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Geometry Dash 2.2 Release Date May Be Pushed Back Again

Geometry Dash 2.2 Release Date May Be Pushed Back Again
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After confirming what was supposed to be the third and final Geometry Dash 2.2 release date, signs show that RobTop Games might have to delay the awaited update 2.2 even further.

RobTop has since confirmed a final Geometry Dash 2.2 release date of October 2023. Read more with this link.

Earlier this year, RobTop confirmed that he expected to get Geometry Dash 2.2 out by August 31, as that's when Google said they would remove Geometry Dash from their stores. However, it is nearly August and there is still no news on if RobTop will meet this deadline Google set for him.

Google ended up removing Geometry Dash from their stores before August due to security concerns. This also happened right before Geometry Dash's latest exploit was leaked.

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Because Geometry Dash is already removed from the Google Play Store, it is likely that RobTop no longer sees a reason to release Geometry Dash before August 31, as he originally said he would.

RobTop doesn't give exact release dates, but this is the third time his release period has been pushed back.

While RobTop takes his time on Geometry Dash 2.2, the game is slowly falling apart. From iOS 15 breaking Geometry Dash to Google taking the game off their stores, updates are what this game needs to survive.

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