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Geometry Dash Extreme Demon "Devil Vortex" Confirmed Hacked

Geometry Dash Extreme Demon "Devil Vortex" Confirmed Hacked
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On July 23, Geometry Dash player Zcylix exposed ToshDeluxe for hacking Rustam's extreme demon Devil Vortex. While it's been suspected for years that ToshDeluxe hacked the level, this is the first concrete proof proving the level was hack verified.

Since the level was verified in April 2017 by ToshDeluxe, it was almost immediately deemed illegitimate due to suspicious looking gameplay.

The theory was that ToshDeluxe made some parts automatic by placing invisible jump pads.

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This would take an estimated 54 objects to pull off, which is why it was surprising to see a hidden structure above the level that used exactly 54 objects—the same amount needed to cover up the use of invisible jump pads.

Devil Vortex saws

While this was suspicious, it wasn't proof. Despite this, most players considered the level hacked despite the lack of complete proof.

However, player Zcylix recently proved that the level was completed using invisible jump pads by exposing a visual cue that proved they were used.

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Proof that ToshDeluxe hacked Devil Vortex

Notice the white particles that appear in the right side of the picture where the wave hit the ceiling. That is only possible when the section is made auto using jump pads.

That proves that ToshDeluxe hacked Devil Vortex. As a result, he was banned from the Demon List.

Unlike the SpaceUK hacking scandal, this is not a surprise to many. The community suspected that this level was hacked long before this proof.

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