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Top 1 Geometry Dash Player SpaceUK Exposed For Hacking All His Accomplishments

Top 1 Geometry Dash Player SpaceUK Exposed For Hacking All His Accomplishments
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The world's best Geometry Dash player, SpaceUK, has been exposed by the head Demon List moderator for cheating his accomplishments.

This comes as a shock to the whole Geometry Dash community. While it was originally assumed he was hacking for only a year, subsequent investigation revealed that basically his entire career is fake.

In SpaceUK's first confession, he says:

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Every Main list after my Sephiroth mainlist completion in may 8th 2022 was hacked. I lost interest in actually playing the game and wanted to see how long i could go without being caught.

Notable demons SpaceUK admitted to cheating include Kyouki, Abyss of Darkness, and Acheron.

However, subsequent investigation led to the conclusion that basically every single completion SpaceUK has ever done is hacked.

As Paqoe, a Pointercrate Demon List staff member, proclaimed:

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Using built-in watermarks from zBot, we have confirmed that nearly every list demon SpaceUK ever uploaded, starting from at least August 2021 (and likely March 2021), was botted, including Slaughterhouse and Sakupen Circles.

This means that notable Geometry Dash extreme demons, including Slaughterhouse, were hack verified. This also means SpaceUK lied in his first confession.

SpaceUK has since been banned from the Demon List, leading to Zoink becoming the new top 1 best Geometry Dash player.

Community Reaction

After it was revealed that SpaceUK lied in his first confession and hacked virtually everything, this is how the community has reacted.

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Popular Geometry Dash YouTuber Npesta said the following:

Disrespectful. How [...] did you sleep at night. All that praise you didn't earn, making everyone believe you were some kind of god. We gave you our respect, and you spat on it, thinking you were above all of us. Were you ever gonna come clean? Disgusting. I hate cheaters

Former Geometry Dash top player Riot said the following:

this game has come so far but some things never change, just a shame he got away with it for so long. theres always someone new looking for profit or respect but they dont want to put in all the hard work it takes. if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

While the community reaction was more forgiving at first, after it was revealed that SpaceUK lied in his first confession and has actually been cheating for much longer, the community outlook has changed.

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SpaceUK's Profit

One question others are asking, even Riot, is whether or not SpaceUK made any monetary gain. And the short answer is: yes, he did.

That being said, it's worth noting that many of SpaceUK's top completions on YouTube, like Slaughterhouse had copyright claims on them, meaning SpaceUK made no money from those videos. However, this is not the case for all of his videos.

Fnm04, a friend of SpaceUK, said that SpaceUK made at least a few thousand dollars off of his fake career. On one occasion, he remembers helping SpaceUK build a huge new PC with the money he got from cheating.

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It's worth noting that since being exposed, SpaceUK has deleted his YouTube channel.

SpaceUK's Response

On April 26 at 12:29 PM EDT, SpaceUK released his second confession, with this one being much longer and supposedly clearing everything up.

Here are the main points from his new confession:

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  • He claims that his hardest demon is Kenos, although his submitted record was hacked because he had a recording error occur when he beat it legitimately.
  • He claims that his absurd difficulty jumps at the start of his career, such as Leyak being his third demon, are legitimate.
  • In regard to the money he made from his fake completions, he said he will give some of it to players who beat those levels legitimately. It is unclear how much of his total profit this accounts for, especially since he has already used some of it, such as in his PC.

His confession goes over a lot more detail, however. You can read it here for more information.

Whether or not SpaceUK is telling the complete truth is unknown. While he seemingly has nothing more to lose, seeing how he blatantly lied in his first confession and even to his closest friends, it's not unfathomable that SpaceUK could be lying about a few things in this confession.

But as of now, there is no evidence that SpaceUK is lying in this confession.

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April 25, 5:20 PM EDT: Original article is posted.

Update on April 26, 12:07 AM EDT: Added information about how SpaceUK is confirmed to have hacked virtually all his achievements, not just a few as was assumed before. This means he lied in his first confession.

Update on April 26, 12:44 AM EDT: Added "Community Reaction" and "SpaceUK's Profit" sections to provide further clarity on the impact this situation has had on the Geometry Dash community and SpaceUK himself.

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Updated on April 26, 3:16 PM EDT: Updated the "SpaceUK's Profit" section to include new information and added the "SpaceUK's Response" section to include information on his second confession. Also improved clarity throughout the whole article.

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