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RobTop Cancels Geometry Dash 2.2 "Versus Mode" After 6 Years Of Development

RobTop Cancels Geometry Dash 2.2 "Versus Mode" After 6 Years Of Development
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After 6 years of Geometry Dash 2.2 development, the game's developer RobTop has canceled Versus Mode, a feature that would allow you to race levels with friends.

This means Versus Mode will not be released with update 2.2, which itself is expected to release later this year.

RobTop said that Versus Mode will likely be delayed so he can fix some stuff.

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RobTop saying Geometry Dash 2.2's Versus Mode will be delayed.

This means that instead of coming out in Geometry Dash 2.2, Versus Mode will be released in 2.21 after Geometry Dash 2.2 is released.

2.21 will be a small patch update similar to update 2.11.

While disappointing, this means Geometry Dash 2.2 will come out faster.

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