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BREAKING: Acheron Takes #1 Spot On Geometry Dash Demon List

BREAKING: Acheron Takes #1 Spot On Geometry Dash Demon List
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Geometry Dash extreme demon Acheron was placed at the #2 spot on the Pointercrate Demon List when it was first placed 11 days ago. But now, it has been moved to the top 1 spot, making it the hardest level ever made in Geometry Dash

This change has finally dethroned Slaughterhouse, a Geometry Dash level notorious for never being dethroned. But will things stay this way?

Slaughterhouse is known for making unprecedented comebacks. Will the same happen this time? Is it only a matter of time before Slaughterhouse regains the top 1 spot?

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Demonlist Controversy Update

The Demon List controversy has died down, which may or may not have affected the Demon List team's decision to move Acheron to the top. However, as is clearly evident, this is a change that majority of the Geometry Dash community will approve of.

But we are also left wondering whether Mayhem can get the same treatment as Acheron. It is another supposedly top 5 hardest level that got placed at the #10 spot. Like when Acheron was underrated, it sparked some Geometry Dash community backlash.

So who knows? Maybe this change is here to stay. Or maybe in due time, Slaughterhouse will take the lead once again.

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