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Geometry Dash Geode: How To Download & Install

Geometry Dash Geode: How To Download & Install
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Geode is a Geometry Dash mod loader for version 2.2 of the game. It includes mods such as the Globed multiplayer mod, BetterEdit, an in-game Demon List, and many more.

In specific, Geode provides a modding framework for developers and a mod loader for players that aims to standardize Geometry Dash modding.

Table of contents

  1. Geode platforms
  2. How to download and install Geode
  3. Best Geode mods to install

Geode platforms

Geode is available on Windows, Mac, Android 64 bit, and Android 32 bit. Sorry, iOS users, but there is no support for you guys yet!

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How to download and install Geode

  1. Download the Geode installer for your device.
  2. Once Geode is installed, open Geometry Dash and press the new Geode button on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Press Download and download any mods you want.
  4. Restart your game and you can now play Geometry Dash with Geode mods!

Best Geode mods to install

After downloading and installing Geode for Geometry Dash, we recommend installing the following Geometry Dash mods:

  1. Globed, a Geometry Dash multiplayer mod.
  2. BetterEdit, a Geometry Dash editor improvement mod,
  3. BetterInfo, a mod that improves Geometry Dash by adding a lot of new customization options.

For a complete list of mods we recommend, check out these 7 best Geometry Dash mods for Geode.

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