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Geometry Dash Level Bloodbath Reaches 50 Million Downloads

Geometry Dash Level Bloodbath Reaches 50 Million Downloads
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The most popular Geometry Dash top 1 extreme demon of all time, Bloodbath by Riot, has reached 50 million downloads in Geometry Dash.

That's 50 followed by six zeros. 50,000,000 downloads.

Bloodbath has always been the most popular Geometry Dash extreme demon level, but 50 million downloads on a single level is astonishing.

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what is even more astonishing is that Bloodbath has had no in-game promotion whatsoever.

While most levels in the top 10 most downloaded levels are either in the map packs or gauntlets, Bloodbath has gained these 50 million downloads just by being such a memorable top 1 extreme demon.

Now, Bloodbath isn’t even in the top 150 hardest levels ever made in Geometry Dash, but it is still by far the most influential top 1 the Geometry Dash Demon List has ever seen.

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