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Geometry Dash Level KOCMOC: What Is It? - Questions & Answers

Geometry Dash Level KOCMOC: What Is It? - Questions & Answers
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What is the Geometry Dash level KOCMOC? Where will it place on the Demon List, who will verify it, what song does it use, and who made it will all be answered in this article.

KOCMOC is a Geometry Dash extreme demon that stunned the community when it came out. But there are still many questions.

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How Hard Is KOCMOC?

KOCMOC is set to be the hardest level in Geometry Dash. Its goal is to place at the top 1 spot on the Demon List.

Who Will Verify KOCMOC?

Right now, Dolphy is set to verify KOCMOC. Dolphy as the verifier is a good pick, as he also verified other hard levels such as Tartarus.

What Song Does KOCMOC Use?

KOCMOC uses the song Космос by Axius Link and is in the album Беcкоnечnые Потеpи. You can listen to it on Spotify.

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We wrote an entire article covering this that you can read for more information.

Who Made KOCMOC?

KOCMOC was made by a Geometry Dash creator team known as Cherry Team. They are known for making stunning Geometry Dash top 1 levels, but KOCMOC might be their best level by far.

And there you have it, answers to frequently asked questions about the upcoming top 1 extreme demon KOCMOC.

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