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Geometry Dash Extreme Demon Tartarus Falls Out Of Top 10 After 2 Years On Demon List

Geometry Dash Extreme Demon Tartarus Falls Out Of Top 10 After 2 Years On Demon List
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Geometry Dash Tartarus, the famous extreme demon, has fallen out of the top 10 after The Hallucination was raised from #14 to the #10 spot. This ends Tartarus's 2 year reign in the top 10 on the Pointercrate Demon List.

Tartarus, verified on January 6, 2022, was known for being an open verification, meaning anyone could attempt it and whoever beat it first would get to upload it.

However, the level was unverified for over 2 years before Dolphy finally beat it, earning the title of verifier and getting to upload the level. Tartarus was first released to the public on January 26, 2018.

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Because of how long it took to get verified, it was known all around as the hardest level ever made in Geometry Dash. But now, it's not even in the top 10 hardest levels.

The Demon List said this about dethroning Tartarus from the top 10:

The Hallucination has been raised from #14 to #10, above Tartarus and below Hard Machine, pushing Tartarus out of the top 10 after its reign of over 2 years.

But even with Tartarus falling out of the top 10, the Geometry Dash community has a bigger fish to fry: Slaughterhouse.

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Slaughterhouse has reigned at the top 1 position for almost a full year, which is incredible for one level nowadays.

With Tartarus leaving the top 10, will Slaughterhouse finally begin its decline? When will it be dethroned?

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