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Top Geometry Dash Creator Viprin Is About To Be Dethroned

Top Geometry Dash Creator Viprin Is About To Be Dethroned

Top 1 Geometry Dash level creator, Viprin, is about to be dethroned by a fast creator known as YunHaSeu.

Geometry Dash by Swedish game developer RobTop Games has a level editor with basically endless possibilities. In fact, there are people who've made entire mini games, movies, and art.

If a level is unique and well-made, it will get a rating from RobTop Games, the Geometry Dash developer. Depending on the type of rating, it will give you a certain amount of creator points.

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You get one creator point for a rate, two for a feature, and three for an epic.

If you've played Geometry Dash before, you've probably heard of Viprin. If you don't, then here's a little backstory.

Geometry Dash creator YunHaSeu is super close to passing current top 1 creator Viprin

Geometry Dash creator YunHaSeu is super close to passing current top 1 creator Viprin, screenshot from GD Today.

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How Viprin Became #1

Viprin began playing the game in June of 2014, with his first level being rated around the 20th of that month, giving him a great start to his lengthy creating career.

Many of his old levels were by him, and him only. But later on, he started to create more and more collaborations, especially with now famous players Minesap, Etzer, and Glittershroom.

He has been on the top of the creator leaderboard since 1.9, being the undisputed gatekeeper of the top position.

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Until now, as a player by the name of YunHaSeu is about to pass Viprin and claim the throne for top 1 creator in Geometry Dash.

How YunHaSeu Defeated Everyone's Expectations

YunHaSeu is a creator who started in the first year of the game's release, 2013. They received their first creator points with a level called Rainbow Sky, released very early in the game's lifetime.

YunHaSeu would appear on the creator leaderboard at position 36 in 2014, and to position 33 in 1.9. However, they started to really shine around late 2020, as they had reached the top 15.

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On February 5, 2021, YunHaSeu reached the top 10, gaining 5 spots in less than 3 months.

They entered the top 5 in October 2021, top 3 in February 2022, and top 2 less than a month after that. Recently, talk about YunHaSeu surpassing Viprin made their way through the community.

While Viprin has been on the top of the leaderboard for all of 2.1, things are soon to change. At the time of writing, YunHaSeu is only two features behind Viprin and released a new level two days ago.

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Viprin's Response

Viprin stated on Twitter that he has no plans on combatting his eventual fall from the top 1 spot, stating that he would rather spend more time to make high effort levels than grind creator points.

To learn more about featured levels and how to get creator points, we have some guides:

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