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Fake GD Today Account With 3400 Followers Is Spreading Misinformation - And It's Verified

Fake GD Today Account With 3400 Followers Is Spreading Misinformation - And It's Verified
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While Dashword largely dominates the web space for Geometry Dash news, GD Today is the largest Twitter source for Geometry Dash news, with over 25,000 followers. Despite this, the official account has remained unverified.

However, some time ago, a fake GD Today account popped up on Twitter. But unlike the others that don't last very long or garner much attention, this impostor account has acquired 3,400 followers.

While this is a parody account and much of its posts are obviously not real, it occasionally posts rather-convincing news. I myself have seen numerous people—including my own friends—get deceived by this account.

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A convincing post on the fake GD Today account that I fell for this morning.

A convincing post on the fake GD Today account that I fell for this morning. Notice the abundance of likes and retweets, making it look real.

However, what baffles everyone is the fact that this account got verified. This means that the fake GD Today account is verified, whereas the real account with over 25,000 followers is not.

The reason the fake GD Today account got verified is because of Twitter's new subscription service Twitter Blue. This subscription allowed for anyone to pay $8 a month to get certain perks, most notably the verified badge on their profile.

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But as a result, Twitter received some serious backlash. In fact, some companies have lost billions of dollars due to fake accounts with a check mark stating false facts.

While the impostor account is spreading misinformation, it doesn't take much investigating to figure out its a parody account.

A clearly fake post on the impostor GD Today account.

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That being said, it is clear that this account is a direct satire towards Twitter's subscription service Twitter Blue. The reason parody accounts weren't harmless before was because we had the verified badge to distinguish real accounts from fakes.

But now, with the verified badge being available to anyone who's employed or gets an allowance, Twitter has had to strengthen their parody guidelines, or in other words, limit comedy on the platform:

To avoid confusing others about an account’s affiliation, parody, commentary, and fan accounts must distinguish themselves in BOTH their account name and bio.

Due to the widespread chaos caused by the subscription service, it is now temporarily unavailable. Twitter does not know when they plan to bring it back but confirm that it will make a return when it's ready.

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The impostor GD Today account, despite clearly not following Twitter's new parody guidelines, has not been suspended or had its verified badge removed. And honestly, I hope it stays that way. At the end of the day, this account is hilarious.

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