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R/Place In Geometry Dash: Place.GD

R/Place In Geometry Dash: Place.GD
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Popular Geometry Dash player and programmer Spu7nix teamed up with other programmers to recreate r/place in Geometry Dash. Now, you can build a level with thousands of others just like the famous Reddit r/place!

Inspired by Reddit's two r/place events, the Geometry Dash editor seemed perfect for a similar styled event. In fact, Spu7nix wasn't the first to come up with this idea.

Samifying once posted a video proposing an idea similar to r/place. He suggested that someone builds something in a level, passes it onto someone else, and it continues like that. Anyone can build anything.

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Michigun memorial made in GD Place

Michigun memorial made in GD Place, screenshot from Refusion.

However, Spu7nix took this idea a step further, recreating r/place in Geometry Dash by recreating the Geometry Dash editor on a website!

In Spu7nix's so-called Geometry Dash Place, you can place or delete an object every five minutes. Everything you build can be deleted by others, so it is important to keep watch over what you build.

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Some pixel art recreated in GD Place

Some pixel art recreated in GD Place.

Unfortunately, due to the event losing activity, griefers, and bots, the event had shortened and will now last only 50 hours instead of the 72 it was originally supposed to last.

While there is no easily accessible live countdown for when the event ends, there is roughly 15 hours left to place objects in GD Place.

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Fortunately, we've made a live countdown that you can use to see how much longer until the event ends. Use that link to see it!

Bloodbath part recreated in GD Place

Bloodbath part recreated in GD Place.

Overall, this is a super cool event! You should definitely place a block in it while you still can. Since there is so much space and activity has died down, there is a high chance what you make will survive!

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Make something on GD Place before it's too late!

The Geometry Dash Place event has officially ended, meaning you can no longer add any blocks to the level and the event's website has been shut down.

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