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RobTop Has Seemingly Not Even Submitted Geometry Dash 2.2 To Stores For Review

RobTop Has Seemingly Not Even Submitted Geometry Dash 2.2 To Stores For Review
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RobTop has recently updated the Geometry Dash 2.2 beta twice within the span of an hour. This is confusing as RobTop said back on November 26th that the update was "about to be completely finished for release."

Him updating the 2.2 beta implies that Geometry Dash 2.2 is very much not finished for release despite the fact that he said it was about to be nearly 2 weeks ago.

This is alarming news, as it suggests that RobTop is still not even done update 2.2 and hasn't even sent it to stores for review yet, which he will need to do once the update is finished.

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Since review can take up to a week, the fact that RobTop might not even be finished the update means we could still be weeks away from the release of Geometry Dash 2.2.

Instead of 2.2 releasing in Early December like RobTop suggested, we might be waiting until the end of December or even until 2024.

Friendly reminder that this update was supposed to come out in October.

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Ultimately, we have three reasons for why RobTop updated the 2.2 beta. We've ordered them from best to worst case scenario:

  1. RobTop is just testing stuff and Geometry Dash 2.2 will still arrive on time.
  2. Apple, Google, or Steam requested something to be changed which is requiring RobTop to make changes and resubmit the update for review.
  3. RobTop has yet to even finish update 2.2 and is still working on it.

With all this being said, it is worth noting that only a few hours before the full release of Geometry Dash 2.1, RobTop updated the 2.1 beta on Steam. However, Geometry Dash 2.1 had a staggered release, something RobTop says he wants to avoid for update 2.2.

By staggered release, we mean Geometry Dash 2.1 was released on different platforms at different times. RobTop wants Geometry Dash 2.2 to release on all platforms at the same time, hence why he is not doing a staggered release this time.

Let's hope RobTop breaks his silence soon and tells us what is going on. Dashword will report on this if it happens.

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