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Geometry Dash Elder Moderator Viprin Responds To Allegations About Blackmail, Spyware, and Inappropriate Encounters

Geometry Dash Elder Moderator Viprin Responds To Allegations About Blackmail, Spyware, and Inappropriate Encounters
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Earlier, Geometry Dash Elder Moderator Viprin was accused of blackmail, using Discord bots as spyware, and inappropriate encounters with individuals younger than himself.

Viprin has since responded to many of these accusations, which is what we will be covering in this article.

Dashword will keep the identities of many individuals private in this article out of respect for their privacy.

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The allegations and Viprin's responses

To start things off, Viprin was accused of using private tweets leaked to him to blackmail another individual. Viprin replied saying that while he admits his behavior was uncalled for, he apologizes and that he did not intend to blackmail anyone.

While Dashword has seen reports of Viprin supposedly blackmailing someone who leaked Geometry Dash 2.2, we are unable to track down the primary source and as such cannot confirm whether or not it is real.

There are two allegations of Viprin using Discord bots as spyware to spy on other users in their private chats. For the first, Geometry Dash moderator Alex1304 uses his popular Discord bot UltimateGDBot to spy on users in a private chat. This supposedly led to some of his victims getting unmodded.

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Viprin claimed that Alex did this on his own and that Viprin told him not to do it again. Despite being a mod at the time, Alex was not unmodded for his behavior.

In the second instance of using Discord bots as spyware, Viprin was accused of using his bot, Sparky, to spy on cheaters. Sparky is a game where you have to guess the Geometry Dash level from a picture, and as such, Viprin does not want people to create answer keys or otherwise reveal the answers.

As a result, the cheaters were banned from the official Geometry Dash Discord server and Viprin's personal Discord server.

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Viprin responded saying that the users were reported using a different system and that Sparky was never used as spyware. However, this "different system" used supposedly gave the Discord user IDs of all users from a private chat. While Viprin claims no messages were read, some may still consider this spying.

Viprin was also accused of striking down a YouTube video giving answers to Sparky, but Viprin denied this.

Finally, someone leaked that Viprin, a 21 year old, was dating a 16 year old, with the exact age gap being 5 years and 10 months. This was the biggest allegation yet.

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In a long speech on his Twitter/X profile, Viprin confirms that the rumors of his relationship with someone nearly 6 years younger than him was true.

He claims that nothing ever came of it and it was ended shortly after starting, but he admits that this is a mistake of his that he will not make again in the future.

There are other reports of Viprin supposedly trying to get another user's Discord account terminated by lying, but Viprin has not yet responded to this.

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Thanks to this Twitter/X user for summarizing the situation.

This is still a very recent situation, and with so much all over the place, we might have gotten some things wrong. If you notice anything we got wrong, please contact us explaining the issue so we can promptly fix it.

The impact this will have on Viprin

Some are speculating that Viprin will get unmodded as a result of this drama, but we believe this will likely not be the case.

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Viprin is already one of the most respected and most powerful Geometry Dash players. With having direct access to RobTop, it is very unlikely that he will get unmodded.

Instead, we predict that this will all blow over in due time, for better or for worse.

December 5, 2023, 4:28 AM EST: Original article is posted.

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Update on December 14, 3:37 AM EST: Fixed an error stating that Alex1304 was promoted to mod after using UltimateGDBot to spy on users, which is incorrect, as he was already mod when he used UltimateGDBot for this purpose. The article has also been updated to add more recent events.

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