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RobTop Will Release Geometry Dash 2.2 With No Warning

RobTop Will Release Geometry Dash 2.2 With No Warning
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In response to questions about why RobTop Games has remained silent about Geometry Dash 2.2 since his last statement, Viprin said that a potential reason for why RobTop is silent is because he doesn't want to give too many hints as to when Geometry Dash 2.2 will release.

Viprin cited that the reason he believes this is because of the fact that the Geometry Dash servers might go down if everyone plays the new 2.2 update at the same time.

Instead, it would be better if everyone played the new 2.2 update when they discovered it, instead of being told the exact moment it would release, he says.

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Viprin also said that he knows "what's going on, but it's not [his] place to announce anything."

With Viprin being a verified RobTop Games affiliate on Twitter/X and a Geometry Dash Elder Moderator in-game, his word is considered more official than others.

Given this, we can reasonably conclude that RobTop will not give anymore significant news regarding Geometry Dash 2.2 until it is released.

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In other news, Geometry Dash on Steam has not yet received any new manifests, meaning that RobTop has not sent Geometry Dash 2.2 to Steam yet.

However, since Steam doesn't require extensive review like the App Store and Google Play, it is possible that RobTop has already sent update 2.2 to Apple and Google and is waiting for them to finish before updating the game on Steam.

For now, it is that stressful time where we must sit on the edge of our seats knowing that Geometry Dash 2.2 can release any day now.

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