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Geometry Dash Team "Restoration Union" Confesses To Hacking Accounts

Geometry Dash Team "Restoration Union" Confesses To Hacking Accounts
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The Geometry Dash team "Restoration Union," known for finding a copy of the infamous lost level Element 111 Rg a few days ago, has confessed to using immoral methods to obtain accounts.

In general, they confessed to accessing accounts without permission from the account owners, but there are cases of team members hacking into accounts.

This is some of what they had to say:

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To elaborate on what has been spreading around on Twitter over the past few days, we have been accessing a couple of old accounts without the permission of their respected owners for the sole purpose of preserving Geometry Dash history.

They also went on to assure us that they did not use any exploits and that our accounts are safe.

So the question remains: should we allow the accessing of old accounts for The purpose of Geometry Dash history? This is a case of ethics, and everyone's answer will vary.

But as a thought experiment, what if there is a full copy of Element 111 Rg on one of these old accounts? How about a copy of Ice Carbon Titan X? Is accessing these old accounts without permission justified?

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