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Popular Geometry Dash Player Stormfly is Accused Of Harassing New Creators

Popular Geometry Dash Player Stormfly is Accused Of Harassing New Creators
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Popular Geometry Dash player Stormfly has been the center of a Twitter boycott against his recent controversial behavior towards new creators.

After becoming a well respected community member for his stunning documentaries, after posting 3 controversial videos in a row, he has almost destroyed his once-stunning reputation.

Geometry Dash players are claiming that in his controversial videos, he is harassing new creators and penalizing them for their past mistakes.

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How Stormfly Destroyed His Reputation

It started when Stormfly posted a video outlining what he believed to be the best and worst Geometry Dash extreme demons. The video received a little negative backlash because of how Stormfly expressed his opinions but nothing totally damaging to his reputation.

Two months later, Stormfly started the first of three controversial videos in a row. To start, he criticized the Geometry Dash community's approach to reviewing levels. Once again, while a little harsh, this wasn't received that badly.

But then, he released his Demon List critique. He uploaded a video criticizing the Demon List, and this caused the Geometry Dash Twitter community to go ablaze.

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This started the Geometry Dash Demon List controversy, a controversy where many Geometry Dash figures publicly criticized the Pointercrate Demon List.

After finally doing some real damage to his reputation, you would expect Stormfly to step back a little and return back to what made him so popular in the first place: his documentaries.

However, he then released another controversial video, this time criticizing the Geometry Dash rating system.

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Geometry Dash Community Reaction

Like the Demon List video, this video sparked much negative discussion on Geometry Dash Twitter. The following are quotes from what some of the Geometry Dash Twitter community has to say.

@NotNickOk1 says he doesn't like Stormfly's newer content:

Bro stormfly needs to get his [act] together and go back to talking about old impossible levels. It's clear nobody likes the new style of content, and all it does is cause issues and won't fix any problems simply because of the approach he takes. using aggression to make a point

@GD_Kakemancool claims this is why he doesn't interact with the Geometry Dash community:

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Stop calling out new creators for following trends or being bad at building. They don't get to choose if [their] level gets rated or not. Stormfly is supposed to be yelling at the system, not the creators in the system. This is the reason I'm not active in the community anymore

@lexycat_ agrees with Stormfly, but not with how he presents his arguments:

Stormfly was right about most of the rate system stuff but he was INCREDIBLY [messed] up for adding examples of "bad" levels. That's something I've learned not to do under any circumstances because it always leads to harassment.

@AresseFallen believes Stormfly is doing the right thing by speaking out:

Stormfly is the only one that speaks up to tell everyone how [bad] this community became and he gets backlash from the same people accused. Y'all better take the L and move on to become better

Explicit language and typos have been replaced in the above quotes.

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Is Stormfly in the wrong for speaking out?

But after all this, the question still remains: should we really penalize Stormfly for speaking out? Should we allow this form of free speech in the Geometry Dash community?

Some would argue that Stormfly is doing the right thing, speaking out about topics he believes need improvement when nobody else will. However, others claim that he is harassing the people involved in the topics he is discussing.

Is the Geometry Dash community in the wrong for attacking Stormfly?

However, the other side is true as well. Should the Geometry Dash community be attacking Stormfly like this? Does he deserve this mob-mentality against him?

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Whether or not you believe in what Stormfly is saying or how he is presenting his arguments, it is clear that he has been damaging his reputation with his recent videos. So the only question left is whether or not he is going to continue uploading his controversial videos or go back to making his documentaries and Super Expert videos.

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