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Geometry Dash Element 111 Rg Found - But There's A Catch

Geometry Dash Element 111 Rg Found - But There's A Catch
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The famous lost and forgotten Geometry Dash level Element 111 Rg by DarkX has been discovered on an old save file, but there's a catch.

The data that contains the actual level has been deleted, and all this discovery does is prove the level's existence, among other things. So, we still have yet to see what the level really looks like.

That being said, Restoration Union still calls this an incredible discovery:

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We found an old save file with 111 RG (no object data however), confirming that the song is Time Machine and also giving us DarkX's userID. Now we know 100% that DarkX used the name DarkM and made Theory Of Clutter as his only other known level. Thanks to everyone involved!

However, they also say that there is still more information they are waiting on, and suggest that it could lead to the full discovery of Element 111 Rg. If they can find it, we might finally get to see what it looks like.

Restoration Union assured us that:

The search is still however not over. We are waiting for responses from some people we contacted that could have more info about the actual level. Stay tuned!

So who knows? Maybe we will finally get to see the legendary Element 111 Rg!

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