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RobTop Says He Might Give Elder Mods The Ability To Rate Levels After Geometry Dash 2.2

RobTop Says He Might Give Elder Mods The Ability To Rate Levels After Geometry Dash 2.2
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RobTop has confirmed in the Geometry Dash Discord server that he will consider giving Elder Moderators the ability to rate levels directly after 2.2.

RobTop saying he might give elder mods the ability to rate levels in the future

As RobTop appears to be avoiding making any major changes to the game before 2.2, we can speculate that if RobTop is to make this change, it will be after Geometry Dash 2.2 is released.

However, the community has expressed negative views on this idea time and time again.

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The main critique with this idea is to do with bias in the system. Moderators have shown themselves to be bias on the kinds of levels they send, with some preferring some styles over others or making up their own standards.

Another fear is that this will partially take away the fact that if your level gets featured, it is confirmed that RobTop has played it.

While RobTop does not always play the entirety of levels he rates, saying that you got the game's developer to play your level is a big deal.

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All in all: what is your opinion on the matter? Would this be a good change for the game or not?

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