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We Do Not Make The Geometry Dash Rate Standards

We Do Not Make The Geometry Dash Rate Standards

This article is based off an old video script from April 2020. Some opinions may no longer reflect the views of the author.

Something as a community that we do not understand, is that we do not make the rate standards. It is solely up to RobTop as to what is rated or not, and we need to respect that.

Too many people leave comments on levels, saying something like "I dont think this is feature worthy but its going to get featured anyway" or "This isn't rate worthy in my opinion, but it is still going to get rated"

What these people simply don't understand, is that we do not make the rate standards. Many people think that the rate standards are opinion based, but they are not. Some complain about the standards being too low, others that the standards are too high, and the truth is, we shouldn't complain about this stuff.

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If RobTop approaches an unrated level, we have no say in whether or not it is rate worthy, as it is completely RobTop's decision to rate the level. Something that the community doesn't understand, is that there is a difference between a rate worthy level, and a good level. As a community, we can decide what makes a good level, and this can solely be our opinion.

But the rate standards are not an opinion, at least not ours. A level does not need to be good by our standards to get rated. This isn't just the community making these assumptions, but also some in-game moderators. It is obvious that RobTop has low standards when compared to the mod team. There have been levels sent by mods for star ratings or not even sent at all which have gotten epic rated.

One thing I want everyone to understand, is that the rate standards are not our opinion. It is already established by RobTop. I want people to understand that for the star rate, featured, and epic standards, it is not our opinion, and we need to respect RobTop's decisions as to what he rates a level. The community has taken this belief that we make the rating standards too far, to the point where levels have lost certain ratings because we pressure RobTop.

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Here is a level that when released, got epic rated. However, the community pressured RobTop to unepic it, which ultimately got the level unepiced. Imagine waking up one morning to see your level epic rated, only for it to get demoted to a simple feature a day later. It would be heartbreaking. What I want people to take away from this article, is that we do not make the rate standards, and a level does not need to be good in our opinion to get rated.

Next time a level you don't like gets rated, please, respect the developer's decision, and do not complain about it.

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