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He sold his Geometry Dash layout for $120

He sold his Geometry Dash layout for $120

On March 1st 2022, Just A GD Player, a Russian youtuber with 65K subscribers known for uploading level showcases, uploaded a video onto his youtube channel showing off a 2.5 minute long layout he made entitled "Vulture." He indicated in the title and description of the video that qMystic, a gfx artist known for making a lot of Geometry Dash thumbnails and for hosting the level "Gumshot," has bought the layout for $120.

This sparked a discussion in the GD community, some claiming it to be the start of something new, and some simply calling qMystic a moron for buying it. A known creator named Mindcap tweeted about the situation, saying that he was offered more than $1000 for his upcoming level "Limbo."

people offered me trifold that money for limbo and one of them offered a 4 digit number to take ownership when I temporarily gave up on the level, and my reply was always a fuck you


Similarly, the YouTuber Alias had a series on his channel where he hired layout creators and decorators from Fiverr.

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So maybe buying levels isn't a new concept afterall.

Besides all of that, I am very excited to see where qMystic is going to take the level, as he hosted "Gumshot," a level that went viral in the GD community for it's funny name and very fun gameplay.

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