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What is the best level in Geometry Dash?

What is the best level in Geometry Dash?

You've probably seen this question somewhere; what is the best level in the entirety of Geometry Dash? Today, I've decided to answer the question for you. Figuring this out may seem easy at first, just take some levels and examine which is the best one of them. It's not that easy for two main reasons: the opinion of one person may vary by a lot as it's completely dependent on the stuff they like or dislike, and levels have many aspects to compare.

Solving the first issue is really easy, just get more people to rate levels — so I did just that. I "recruited" my friends MoldyMacaroniX, Ender, SubStra, FJB, and brtkllo. Yes, I have friends. Crazy right? We've asked people in multiple discord servers what the best levels are in their opinion, and then made a blank sheet with them. We decided to rate gameplay, decoration, sync, originality and playability.

Rating Sheet

Then, we filled it out and I wrote some basic code on Excel for it to count the average. You can access the spreadsheet right here. The results really surprised me. I thought CraZy III or A Final Hymn would win, but surprisingly, with an astonishing score of 29.9/33, Megalodon won the first place spot on the current list.

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Megalodon Rating

Megalodon is a solo level built by Subwoofer. It has amazing but simple art, pretty good lore and story, and outright amazing decoration. Also, the coin paths are really original and really make you feel like you're in some sort of escape game. You start by diving into some ocean with mines and mechanic sharks where you can collect some paper for the coin path. After that, you go through some sort of a vent (?) that takes you past secret meeting rooms and shark tanks.

After that, you take some sort of a sideways elevator to a secret underwater base, where something goes horribly wrong and stuff starts to explode. You escape the collapsing base, but a helicopter tries to find the source of the disaster and you have to avoid being spotted. After that, you dash through a road and in the background, you can see the exploding buildings. A buddy awaits you in a car, you hop right into it and ride into the abyss.

Good job Subwoofer, we hope you make more amazing levels like this! I'll also make this into a YouTube video, and it'll be my best by far, trust me. Anyway, this is all for the article. I'd like to tell you to look at the sheet of levels and suggest more to me on my personal Discord server or on the Dashword server. Thank you for reading!

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