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I Made A Geometry Dash Escape Room

I Made A Geometry Dash Escape Room

I made a Geometry Dash escape room and I challenge you to complete it. It can take anywhere between 1-2 hours to complete, depending on your puzzle-solving ability. Figuring out the puzzles is challenging but also a lot of fun.

In this article, I will teach you how you can play this escape room for yourself. Since this type of level is not necessarily what Geometry Dash was made for, there are some things you got to do.

There are ways to "cheese" some stages. This usually occurs when you solve a room with left over "moves." I've decided not to fix these because they are usually just as hard as or harder than the intended route.

Get The Level

You can find the level on my profile CreatorMoldy or by directly searching its ID, which is 78581694. You might also be able to find it just by searching its name, which is "Escape Room." You will need to make a copy of the level to use its checkpoints. The level is free to copy.

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Refresh Rate

The escape room only works on 60 hz. If you are using a FPS physics mod, make sure you disable level kicks anticheat and speedhack anticheat if you find yourself getting kicked from the level. If you do not have a physics mod, you will likely need to manually change the FPS of your monitor if it is not already running at 60 hz.


This escape room has checkpoints via start positions. After completing a stage, go into the editor and place a start position at the next checkpoint. Checkpoints can be seen by disabling preview mode in the editor. The conditions the start position must be in are listed above the checkpoint, which also marks where to place the start position.

Time Limit

While I do not recommend sticking to a strict time limit, I do have some recommended goals.

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  1. In less than 1 hour — you are a legend.
  2. In less than 90 minutes — really good job.
  3. In less than 2 hours — you did average.


These are useful tips. I won't consider them spoilers but if you really want to go in blind, you can skip this section. If you are really struggling, though, these might come in handy.

Useful Tips
  1. Before doing anything, figure out the conditions required to exit the room.
  2. Take note of how many "moves" you have.
  3. Figure out what you have to do and then focus on how to do it.
  4. Study the stage and avoid randomly guessing what to do.
  5. Some rooms have "red herrings," so you do not have to use everything available to you.


I will write a separate solution article down the line, but for now, here is a video where I put one of my subscribers through it. It doesn't clearly outline the solutions but it's worth a watch to get the general idea. This should be obvious, but the video contains massive spoilers.

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