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KingSammelot Wins Hidden Gem Award At The Streamer Awards

KingSammelot Wins Hidden Gem Award At The Streamer Awards

Geometry Dash streamer and YouTuber KingSammelot has won the Hidden Gem Award at the Streamer Awards.

The streamer awards is an awards show for popular streamers, but there is one category that smaller streamers get a shot at, being the Hidden Gem Award.

KingSammelot, while a big member of the Geometry Dash community, does stream and make content on other topics. Because of this, he managed to get nominated for the Hidden Gem Award.

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After a campaign on his own YouTube channel and the official Geometry Dash Discord server, he was voted to be the winner of the Hidden Gem Award.

The fact that a Geometry Dash community member who only blew up in popularity recently not only was nominated but won an awards show as big as the Streamer Awards is incredible and is something that this community rarely ever sees.

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