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Geometry Dash Extreme Demon KOCMOC Was Verified By Trick, But There's A Catch

Geometry Dash Extreme Demon KOCMOC Was Verified By Trick, But There's A Catch
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Popular Geometry Dash level KOCMOC by Cherry Team was verified by Trick on March 12, 2023. However, due to issues with the level, this will not be the final version.

KOCMOC, a once advertised top 1 extreme demon, has been nerfed to top 20 and verified by Trick. But there's a catch.

In fact, the creators of KOCMOC told Trick that he didn't actually verified the level, but just wasted his own time.

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The creators say that KOCMOC has bad gameplay, so they will need to playtest it. They will also be replacing an entire part that they deem to be too laggy.

The reason this is a problem is because Trick put in the time and verified the level when this could have all been avoided if the creators fixed the level before trying to get it verified.

All in all, while a version of KOCMOC was beaten by trick, this is no longer the official level according to its creators and as such will not be rated by RobTop.

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