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Geometry Dash Moderator: GirlyAle02

Geometry Dash Moderator: GirlyAle02

This Geometry Dash creator and player has been on the radar for almost 3 years. Creating levels such as 3D Dash, Rythmic Space, and many more. This is GirlyAle02, a Geometry Dash moderator promoted 4 months ago! In this article, we will look at her history and will be talking about her favourite level.

Her History

The history of GirlyAle02 starts in 2017, when she saw her friend play the game. She asked to try the first level, even though she died at the first jump of Stereo Madness. GirlyAle02 decided to download the lite version of the game.

When she got a little better at the game, she decided to buy the full version. Nothing much happened until she found the level Antigo by Diamondgirl01. She was impressed by the levels decoration and overall feel, so that gave her the idea to start making levels.

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Her first rated level, rated on the 17th of November in the year 2017, was called Kawaii, and it was the first part of a trilogy of levels. She was shocked at seeing the rate on the level, so she decided to make more, and the creator points started to accumulate.

A little while later, more precisely, in 2021, she woke up innocently, not knowing what the next hours would be. She checked discord to see about 300 messages and messages saying "GG for mod!" or "congrats on mod!" This was a moment of shock for her.

She went on her account to press the req button, and what do you know. There is a popup with big green checkmark and text saying: "User has been promoted to Geometry Dash Moderator!" The next thing you know, she has a golden badge with blue text rendering the letter "M" next to her geometry dash pseudonym. The rest is history.

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Her Favourite Level

GirlyAle02 made a lot of levels. She has around 50 creator points and countless epic rates! I had the opportunity to talk to this community figure in private messages. She wrote to me that her favourite level was 3D Dash, that she likes every part of the level, and that it's her proudest work. If you want the creator's opinion, her absolute favourite part is the diagonal part with the different perspectives.

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